While leaving my house for starbucks I noticed a bum next door in the abandoned house jerking off to me in my gym clothes


taylor swift needs to stop 


Four White guys with multiple weapons were taken into custody.  Not shot and kill and left out on the road.  They were arrested and given due process.  They’re names aren’t leaked.  We’re not seeing invasions into their facebooks for impeding trials.  We’re not even seeing mug shots.  We don’t know if they’re anarchist, klan or anything at all.  We just know they left the scene of a armed chase alive.

This is the difference and the outrage.


omg angelique aka frenchy from rock of love is going to be on celebrity big brother

YES! she was talking about big things coming to me on insta, this will be spectacular!

this is life


1950’s lipstick vending machine