Pill dr appt tomorrow yayaya

oh and yes fauxlita the restaurant was full but it was the ENTIRE manner of him/the staff. i was treated sooooooo bad imo; just stares and looks.

welp there was a long 2 hr talk last night (none of which i wanna go into on here) but basically i said he needs to figure out what he wants in life, how to not be such an asshole, and see what actually makes him happy before we can really do much in our relationship

on the bright side im not super short, with supreme red face/pasty white everywhere else, have the worst eyebrows and neon orange hair!!!!!!!!!!

watch what u say to me, careful who ur talkin to



Hi y’all! As I’ve said before, I needed $150 for my registration fee for esthetician school and I still barely make enough money to make ends meet at my house because I work part time and care for my mother, who suffers from MS and cannot work.

Well, I made my milestone of $150! :) you guys are all awesome!!!

Not long after registration though, I’ll have to start making weekly payments to my school to cover the nearly $4000 tuition.

I’m amazed by the support I’ve gotten so far, so please help me start my life so I’m not stuck in my dead end job for much longer. I’d be forever grateful for whatever anyone could donate or even if you just share this. & If you’d like anything in return like a handwritten letter, a drawing of your favorite comic book hero, or a follow here on tumblr or Instagram, just let me know after you donate!

i dont need anything in return bb but id love for u guys to share and donate if possible! i cant at this time but ilu and wanna help spread the word!

is it seriously that terrible to bring 4 people to a restaurant for dessert and drinks and tip over 20%? i didnt think it would be an issue but r mouthed “i hate this” to me and gave me the cold shoulder the entire time. it was the most awkward experiance and i need to much more xanax than i have to get past this. i feel bad for everyone involved even tho i dont feel like its my fault??? and things werent bad except for EVERY waitstaff eyeing me terribly rude.

who the fuck has painkillers i need all of them right now. lets pray ultraviolence will help ease this situation for me. in the mean time he is picking up coke (not crack tonight!) and going to the sous chefs house instead of coming home.

im so embarrassed for myself. this is ridiculous.

also im getting better job offers right now so theres at least something good coming from today. i didnt meet pamela tho, i tried and tried and tried and even attempted breaking in.

this girl at my work went to spring creek lodge academy in montana right in the middle of the worst state of it and after looking it up i feel so bad of everr making fun of her and her weird looks and fully understand how someone can be so strange after basically dealing with corpol punishment, feces and urine all over the housing, and physical abuse